Dark Spot Corrector for Men

Even the best dark spot corrector cannot be equally good on female and male skin, and here is why: testosterone causes skin to be much thicker and tougher in texture. Men have about 25% thicker skin

than women, that is why men tend to have fewer wrinkles. Male skin is usually about 15 years younger than the same of women, and collagen density and sebum production are also greater. Men do need to have a special product to help tackle hyper pigmentation and the best dark spot corrector for men must include larger active ingredients concentration.

However, men are not as cautious as women when it comes to sunscreen and tend to think they do not need it. This usually compensates for thicker younger looking skin taking away the male skin advantages. Just like women men can end up with hyper pigmentation areas on skin that has been exposed to UV rays so there is a demand for a whitener that can effectively even out the male skin complexion.

The new generation dark spot correctors can tackle multiple male skin issues such as hyper pigmentation, acne scars, blackheads, clogged pores and ingrown hair with peeling and whitening ingredients. Regular smoothing and whitening treatment can improve the skin bringing back the youthful complexion.

The best dark spot corrector for men must include a vast array of active ingredients to improve the skin quality, such as peeling agents like glycolic, salicylic or glycyrrhetinic acid, for example, whitening agents such as hydroquinone, black yeast, vitamin C, etc. and other soothing and moisturizing compounds. It should not have any artificial fragrances or colorants in it making sure that it is effective but also soft enough not to cause irritation.

Of course, no matter how good the corrector is all the dark spots can return if you fail to apply sunscreen daily, so it is important to change the daily routine and attitudes towards skincare as men tend to limit their daily routine to shaving and washing. Dark spots are pretty harmless but their appearance is a sign that skin gets way too much UV rays which means you might end up with serious health issues such as skin cancer.

Dark Spot Corrector for Men