Best Products to Remove Brown Spots on the Face

Brown spots are flat hyper pigmentation areas that mostly appear on the face, arms and shoulders, areas that are usually exposed to direct sunlight. Brown spots vary in size and color and cause no harm. They can be a cosmetic defect that makes people feel insecure, that is why many people are trying to find the best brown spots remover to get rid of hyper pigmentation and whiten the skin completely. But how to find a good product when the market is so flooded with different skincare brands?

Active Ingredients

Hydroquinone is the most common whitener for hyper pigmentation, but the best products to remove brown spots on the face include a few different active ingredients for better results as hydroquinone alone can case irritation and make your skin even more sensitive. There are a few other substances that can dissolve melanin such as licorice extract, kojic acid, vitamin C and alpha-arbutin. The best result can be achieved when combining a few different whitening agents. Retinol is also good for treating brown spots although it is famous as a wrinkle removing agent – it causes cells turnover and prevents brown spot cells from reaching maturity.

Complex Treatment

But spot treatment itself is not enough, for it can cause a halo effect on melanomas and melasmas, a white skin area around the brown spot. What you need is correct treatment for the whole face to make sure you will have an even complexion combining both spot and face treatment.

Your neck, arms and shoulders also need brown spot treatment that will be just as good on the body as it is on your face, but remember that skin on the neck is very gentle so you should not apply whitening treatment daily. Try applying your brown spots remover once in two days and make sure you have no irritation.


For the best results pick out a gentle chemical peeling agent such as salicylic or glycolic acid. First of all, it will gently exfoliate the upper pigmented skin layer and, secondly, it will ensure better brown spot remover penetration making the treatment more effective.

But even if you’ve got the best brown spot remover for the face, the treatment can be useless if you do not apply wide spectrum sun screen, because, otherwise, you might end up with more brown spots making the whitening treatment ineffective. By protecting your skin from direct sun rays you will be able to avoid brown spots and insecurities that come with them.

Best Products to Remove Brown Spots on the Face